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It’s Been a Crazy Year ( Letter To AARYAA On Her First Birthday)


Oh my goodness!! It’s already been a year. Even though it appears to have just gone in a swoosh!! It’s been a wild ride for me. Thank goodness you were not the “infant” I would have shuddered at or a difficult one, you are so easygoing, it was me who required a lot of care.

Day1- 7

I’ve been considering what to get you for your first birthday. You’re so simple, and I love your voice. you’d rather play with utensils, shoes, and the television remote than most toys. Simple things pique your interest and make you happy.
New toys, clothes, and hair accessories are just my obsession for you, you’d rather be happy naked. So, along with the many gifts you will be receiving, I thought what a great way to start a journal for you, and I hope one day you will read it and cherish it, so here it begins…..

365 days of being with something so tiny!! phew!! It’s bittersweet to see how quickly time passes and how quickly you grow up. It feels good when the doctor says, “she has walked early” or “she sleeps on her own.” She is quite a lady!

I’ll never forget the first time we brought you home. You were so tiny I was afraid to even hold you… And you cried inconsolably for hours, and everything we bought didn’t work, and I wished I could keep you in that hospital forever because you were so happy there.”sobs”

Your father and I had no idea what we were doing, and I certainly had no idea what I was doing or what it meant to be a mother. I’m still figuring it out. And, of course, Kudos to your father for being present and excelling at sleep training you; along with many things he does with you, love him for being so supportive, it was me who pushed him so hard to do it by the way. (He will not agree with this) you know him right 🙂

Do you know you’re a pandemic baby, and you were born with the ability to see into people’s hearts rather than their faces? This will be your superpower. You can read the kindness in their eyes and the beauty in their hearts, providing you with a unique first impression of the world. Yes, you were born into a world of masking and distancing, but you were also born into a more modern and dynamic world.

You’ve been surprising us with each milestone, from your first crawl to your first walk, first swim, and first words. When you started daycare, I realized that every day is better than the day before when you’re around. I miss you, but I also need this. We all grew together over the last year, in a way. You learned a lot, and we learned a lot, too. In fact, more than you, I have learned a lot about myself that I did not know until now, all because of you. I now have a routine and I have never felt better, even though post-delivery challenges were present, but I have excelled the most this year and I love you for that.

and yes you LOVEEE Swings…

You learned to laugh and giggle, and this has become my new favorite sound in the world.

You learned to point point point your finger at things especially me, and I learned that you are a girl who knows exactly what she wants. You learned to say “JJ” before “dada” and “mama” you know that. Then you learned to say “baby”, “shoe” “Tata” you are a smart one!
You learned to push doors, open drawers, and grab items from beneath tables, and I learned that nothing could ever stand in your way. You’re definitely on a mission. You are my little warrior princess!

Every day, as I watch you learn and explore the world around you, I find myself re-enthralled by the simple pleasures of life. The way you laugh when I blow air on your face, your love of grass and plants, the way you light up when you hear the sound of coco-melon, and the way you talk to “JJ” after waking up without disturbing our sleep. Your love for water and how quickly you learned to swim, the way you run with your hands stretched out like “Phoebe in Friends,” which I hope you will watch someday. OMG! your fixation on my laptop and coffee mug!! You surely will be a great professional (I hope so, otherwise you’ll be glued to the screen and drinking coffee hope not).

You enjoy the game “peekaboo.” You adore books, especially the ones I read to you, and the way you bring them to me to read makes me very happy; I have already accumulated a large collection of books for you to read on your own when you grow up. You enjoy the sand, water, and grass, and you appeared to enjoy camping as well; you were only 6 months old when we took you camping, and you thoroughly enjoyed it. (Your father was overjoyed) I know you’ve seen a lot, but you frequently see your grandparents, aunts, and uncles on video calls who adore you and hope we can all visit them soon. You also have a furuncle named “Milo,” and I can’t wait for the two of you to meet.

Oh! You also enjoy music. You hum and dance whenever you hear it. You adore “itsy bitsy spider” and “falling in love with you.” When I say, “Who is the pretty girl?” you run to the mirror and look at yourself, which is so cute. And did I mention how stunningly beautiful you are? Your personality, however, is even more captivating than your appearance. It astounds everyone who meets you. You wave, fly kiss, give high fives, and clap your hands wherever we are. Everyone wants to be in your presence. behave in this manner!! Make everyone around you happy and smile.

Thank you for making us laugh and reminding us of what’s truly important in life. Thank you for forever changing my life and bringing out the best in me. You inspire me to be and do better, not just as your mother, but as a human being in general. You’re like a guiding angel in my life.

I hope that years from now, when you read this letter, you will smile and know that you are the love of my life and that this day, October 13th, has become the best day of my life.

Your father and I adore you to the moon and back.
God bless you, and remember to keep smiling and rocking! You are the toughest girl!!!

Leaving you with a few firsts and memories, the big shoot images are coming soon…